Panel elektronik untuk berbagi ide, sangat ideal untuk rapat, konferensi tanpa dibatasi tempat dan jarak.

MAXHUB panel elektronik

Currently available:

MAXHUB X3 Standard Series

Free and boundless collaboration Ultra-HD display, Remote Collaboration, Intelligent Writing, Interactive Mirroring, Extraordinary Performance

  • Ultra-slim bezel, Ultra-large vision, Ultra-sharp display
    4K Ultra HD large display with ultra-slim bezel on double sides deliver wider vision and better immersive experience.
    Anti-glare technology assures the sharpness of imagines, even in the bright environment.
    • 4K Anti-glare UHD display
    • 13mm ultra-slim bezel*
    • 98 inches Up to
  • Remote collaboration, leading the fashion of boundless office
    8-megapixel camera 8m voice picking-up* Screen sharing Remote mirroring Real time writing
  • Intelligent writing frees your imagination
    Innovative infrared touch technology delivers smooth writing experience. Intelligent and user-friendly graphic and table design satisfies your efficient writing needs.
    • 0.04s rapid response time*
    • ±1mm touch accuracy*
    • Smart graphics assistant
    • PPT slides annotation
  • Multi-screen interaction eliminates the cable limitation
    MAXHUB X3 brings you convenient connection and presentation. You can share photos and documents on the big screen wirelessly through PC, smartphones, and tablets.
    Controlling the big screen at your seat with aforementioned mobile devices is available. Every presentation and communication experience is beyond imagination.
  • Extraordinary performance, excellent quality
    Equipped with 7th Gen Intel CoreTM processors, MAXHUB X3 have strong performance and reliability, support Android 7.0 / Windows 10 dual-system, and up to 16GB DDR4-RAM. It is also compatible with various applications. Easy operating creates efficient meetings.
    • Powerful dual-system Core i7 Processors
    • 16GB RAM